Industrial chillers
All key aggregates are duplicated
2 years extended product warranty
Area of application
  • Plastic and polymer industry
  • Food industry
  • Medical industry
  • Automotive industry
Benefits of using
Cold Point Cooling Systems
  • Energy efficiency
    Reduced energy costs thanks to energy efficient technologies
  • Support
    Guaranteed service thanks to a wide network of service centers
  • Availability of parts
    Components from trusted suppliers allow easily to find spare parts even after many years
  • Personal approach
    Individual equipment in accordance with your wishes for the location of conclusions, dimensions and even color
  • Anti-freezing
    Full protection from defrosting of the heat exchanger "anti-freezing" is included
  • Easy maintenance
    The most convenient service due to the simplicity of the basic elements
Single block
Central cooling
Chillers with
remote condencer
-Cooling efficiency ratio 3-3.2
-Single block units based on scroll compressors with integrated energy-efficient air condenser.
-Simple installation and operation;
-Thermal load at the equipment location;
-Minimal energy efficiency
- Cooling efficiency ratio 3,5-5
- Installation required.
- Cold Point water cooling machines for centralized cooling are used for cooling in the field of industrial ventilation, air conditioning, and heating.
- Thermal load outside production facilities;
- The possibility of applying energy-efficient methods;
- Minimization of the placement in the room;
- Implementation of monitoring systems;
- The use of free cooling systems;
- Cooling efficiency ratio 3,5-4
- Installation required
- Thermal load outside production facilities;
- The possibility of applying energy-efficient methods (floating condensation);
- Minimization of the placement in the production room;
- Cold Point chillers are a compressor and evaporator unit (designed on the basis of scroll compressors, plate evaporators and an integrated hydraulic module) and an external air condenser, which is installed on the street.
Free cooling
cooling tower
Container-type adiabatic
cooling tower
- Cooling efficiency ratio 5-6
- Installation required
- COLD POINT © free cooling units are used in free cooling systems for cooling water in the autumn-winter period. Usually work in combination with single block chillers. The use of free cooling units saves energy by 4-5 times compared to machine cooling.
- Equipment pays off in 1-2 years due to savings on energy supply;
- Simple design and high reliability;
- Connection to existing cooling systems is possible;
- Space saving indoors;
- During the annual service, the equipment life cycle is up to 15 years
- Cooling efficiency ratio 6-10
- Installation required
- Simplicity of the system (lack of complex nodes);
- No energy costs are required - only water is consumed;
- The opportunity to use throughout the year;
- The ability to avoid machine cooling
- Heat load outside production facilities
- Cold Point adiabatic free cooling towers are widely used for cooling and humidifying indoor air in various industrial sectors.
- The container-type adobe COLD POINT® cooling tower is a container that is located outside the production hall.
- The container is a fully insulated block, in which all the actuators of the cooling machine are located: hydraulic unit, pump group, electrical and electronic components.
- The heat exchanger block is placed on the roof of the container.
- The cooling tower includes a return line with coolant from the room, and chilled water of a given temperature enters the room
Product Catalogue
from 7 to 210 kW
from 200 to 1500 kW
from 7 to 1000 kW
from 200 to 1500 kW
from 150 to 1000 kW
from 150 to 1000 kW
About company

Chillers Cold Point © are an industrial cooling equipment for enterprises. Since 2014, Formotronik has been developing and manufacturing single block chillers, chillers with a remote condenser, free cooling systems, adiabatic cooling systems for enterprises under the trade name Cold Point ©.

Years of experience of the company's specialists in the field of designing cooling and temperature control systems allowed organizing the most flexible and modern assembly scheme for industrial refrigerators for the needs of various industries.
Since 2014, the assembly of refrigeration equipment under the registered trademark COLD POINT has been carried out on the territory of a special separate division of Formotronic LLC, which received its name Volzhsky Plant of Refrigeration Equipment (VPRE), and is located in Russia,
Mari El Republic.
Thanks to our own production base, we manufacture equipment according to individual parameters of the client in a short time (from 10 working days to 2 months).
Own production
Modern assembly and test equipment
Bright and spacious assembly room
Laser cutting, powerful bending presses and
semi-automatic welding are used for chassis production
Accessories from leading European manufacturers
Professional staff with 15–35 years of experience in the design and manufacture of industrial refrigeration equipment
Our production is:
Service and installation
High-quality and reliable equipment is one of the main elements of modern production. The right choice of equipment allows you to optimize investment and reduce current and future expenses, increasing productivity, product quality and net profit.
Thanks to our many years of experience, we have developed an optimal system of technical support for customers, which allows us to resolve issues at all stages of the project. The qualification level of service engineers is evaluated by equipment manufacturers and confirmed by appropriate certificates.
Quality components
Danfoss (Denmark) Linear fittings, cranes, automation
Calpeda (Italy) Pumps
Lamel (Russia) Heat exchange
Copeland (Germany) Scroll
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Choose a chiller for your parameters
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